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                                                                        HAPPY SUMMER FROM MARYL & JERRY


                                                                                       JULY 2017
that I'm back, I'm out of the "cellar" (for a short while); and most importantly, the winery is in full swing for season 2017? Actually, there's really no excuse for missing the month of June except that I usually do the "wine thing" during the winter while we're closed down but this year I did something I'll never do again. . . I relaxed (on a cruise), I read, I cooked, etc., in other words, I'm paying for it now. So, just to let you know, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Black Bear, Simply Red, Riesling, White Riesling, Just Plain White and a small batch of a very old favorite has been resurrected. . . Nora's Favorite. And when all this was done, I skipped out of town for a week. Ahhh.

I would like to say a little something about the cruise I mentioned above -- it was fantastic! Jerry and I have been really fortunate in that we've been able to travel quite a bit and done some amazing things but this was special. It was a transatlantic from Miami to Barcelona, Spain. Since he arranges all our travels, I wasn't too excited to be going across the Atlantic in the dead of winter. What clothes does one wear -- parkas and mukluks? Also, this wasn't going to be a 5,000 person cruise ship either. There were only aboiut 1,000 passengers onboard. Well, just in case you're wondering, it was luxurious although dress was quite casual, the food was outstanding, the weather was lovely and Spring-like the whole time, and the size of the ship was the best part of all. If someone were to ask me if there were any negatives, I would have to say "yes", although unavoidable. We were supposed to dock for a while at the Azores, Portugal. But because of a fierce storm close to the port, the Captain diverted us to the island of Mediera, Portugal -- it's really lovely. Hopefully, we'll go back there again one day. But, that's not all, another day at sea brought us to Morocco where we purchased carpets. Possibly some of the finest carpets in the world are made here. If you're by the winery one day, stop in and have Jerry tell his story about "making the deal" on his purchase in Morocco. You'll die laughing. Then, onto Mallorca, Portugal where we purchased Mallorcan pearls for our four teenage granddaughters as Christmas presents. (If you're in the shop when they're here too, please don't tell them. It's a secret.) Finally, we sailed onto Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal and home to NEWARK, NEW JERSEY!!

Now, back to the "cellar". No more fooling around. I need to get to work. . .


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